Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Type of Marketers Will Inherit the Digital Earth ?

Big data is a phrase you will have heard and read countless times. Whether it has confused you or intrigued you, its existence has been proof to the increased role of data-driven decision making within businesses.

Another on-going trend is the increased role of technology within a marketer’s working life. One of the most frequently quoted predictions in 2013 was the belief that marketers will spend more on technology than CIOs. It is clear that there is more scope for investment in marketing technology.

It’s all very well having the shiniest new machinery available, but an on-going struggle in 2014 will be the ability of companies to make their data and tools work for them. The good news is that companies are slowly addressing the lack of technical and mathematical skills in their marketing departments.

Since last year, an impoverishment of employees skilled in these areas are less likely to represent a ‘key challenge’ for marketers. While the growing importance of data analysis should not be under-estimated, the need for creative thinking in the changing world of marketing has never been greater. This year, we will continue to see the importance of ‘data scientists’ who are able to apply creative thinking to data-driven challenges which can help to evolve and even transform businesses.

Towards the end of 2013, term ‘pi-shaped (Π) people’, to explain the requirement for marketers with both left-brain and right-brain ability. Ideally, marketing departments need to have a balance of team members with both analytical and creative skills. Pi-shaped marketers are both analytical and data-driven, yet understand brands, storytelling, and experiential marketing.

Those rare individuals who are adept in both areas are set to inherit the digital earth.

Additional Source: Econsultancy & Adobe

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